Michelle Skelton – adulteress or academic

Dr Michelle Skelton, of the H3 Africa Consortium, based at UCT is well known in the Cape Town medical research and academic community.

While well-known for her academic accolades and achievements, Michelle Skelton is a little less well known as quite an adulteress.

After giving birth to a son, with her previous partner, Erwin Da Gama, who was embroiled and implicated in one of the largest pension fund scandals in South Africa, where more than R140 million was misappropriated from the South African Clothing & Textile Workers Provident Fund (SACTWU), Skelton then 3 years later gave birth to another child, as a result of a tryst with a married man.Richard Kawie, a former union organiser, is currently facing criminal charges in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court in connection with this matter.

Michelle Skelton loves portraying herself as an innocent party while making false allegations against others both in public and in private while going to great lengths to hide her personal misdemeanors, such as having two children born out of wedlock, with the father of one of the children being a married man, whose family doesn’t even know about the existence of the child.



UCT academic Michelle Skelton related to one of Gumtree murder accused

Michelle Skelton, a project manager for the H3 Africa consortium,based at the University of Cape Town  Heath Sciences Faculty,is a cousin to Tania Majiet,one of the accused in the Gumtree Murder case which took place in Cape Town in 2012.

Tania Majiet , was added as the fifth accused in the murder of 21 year old Olwyn Cowley who was murdered after trying to sell his car via the Gumtree classifieds website.Majiet was arrested after it was discovered that her co-accused had washed the murder victim’s vehicle at her home.

The charges against Tania Majiet were withdrawn in 2014. Soegbudien Abvajee one of the co-accused in the matter is Majiet’s ex-boyfriend and they have a child together.

Abvajee (Tania Majiet’s ex) was sentenced to 15 years for robbery, three years for the illegal possession of a firearm, and one year for the illegal possession of ammunition, which would all run concurrently with his sentence of life imprisonment for Cowley’s murder.

Majiet’s mother and Dr Michelle Skelton’s mother are sisters and they are therefore first cousins.

Some of the articles detailing Tania Majiet’s court appearances in connection with the Gumtree murder case and other articles related to this matter:







Michelle Skelton – UCT academic’s ex-partner linked to pension fund scandal

An ex-partner of UCT academic and researcher, Michelle Skelton, was embroiled in one of the worst pension fund scandals in South African history.

Erwin Da Gama,a former romantic partner of Dr Michelle Skelton , or more specifically his company was a conduit for some of the more than R100 millon that was embezzled from the SACTWU Provident Fund.

Richard Kawie,and Sam Buthelezi have been criminally charged in this matter and the matter is currently before the Bellville Magistrate’s Court.

Deputy Economic Development Minister Enoch Godongwana resigned his ministry post as his company,Canyon Springs,was involved.

Da Gama,who has a minor child with Dr Michelle Skelton has been barred from practising as an attorney in South Africa in an unrelated previous matter.

Dr Michelle Skelton is currently the project manager for the H3 Africa Project at UCT.

The misappropriation of funds from the SACTWU provident affected the pension and retirement savings of thousands of lowly paid textile workers.

The debacle was widely covered by the South African press and media: